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A Tale Out of Luck

by Willie Nelson with Mike Blakely

This was a delightful read. Retired Texas Ranger Captain Hank Tomlinson intends to spend the rest of his days raising cattle but when a murder and scalping of a drifter leads to a clash between the calvalry and the Comanche Indians he is pulled out of retirement. There are Indians, horse thieves, soldiers, and a woman tavern owner entwined in this western; oh yes I almost forgot there is also an albino.

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Heart and Soul

by Maeve Binchy

As always this book is set in Ireland (Could it be because Maeve Binchy is Irish?) I do believe this is one of her best. She has captured with humor and compassion the story of a Dr. as she sets up a new clinic.

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Handle With Care

by Jodi Picoult

As usual with most of Jodi Picoult's books a kleenex or two is needed. (This one took half a box) When you're reading this book you will ride a rollercoaster of emotions but still can't put it down.

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Barbarians to Angels

by Peter S. Wells

 I haven't read this book yet but a friend of mine said it is really good.  The book is not fiction but it is still very well writtine and if you are interested in the, Dark Ages this is a must read.

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Mr. and Miss Anonymous

by Fern Michaels

I enjoyed this book a lot. It really gives you a whole new outlook on sperm and egg selling or is it just a new look at fertility clinics.

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